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Your new career starts here…

The Nouveau Contour Fundamental training will be the start of your successful career as a permanent make-up technician. When you have completed your training, you can immediately start with your new profession. It is of importance that the procedure prices that you charge reflect your professionalism, as well as our high Nouveau Contour standards. Our suggested salon prices for the procedures are:




1 hour

$350 to $500*


½ hour

$350 to $400*


1 ½ hours

$500 to $900*




(*These prices are on average).


What is my cost?

There are many factors involved for choosing a  career in permanent cosmetics. An important consideration is the cost of providing the service and the revenue you receive for proving the service.
The average cost of providing a Nouveau Contour service is $35.00. This cost calculation is based upon all the products you use for the procedure such as; our patented safety needles, pigments, gloves, cups, etc.

What is my payback period?

When you start your career in permanent make-up your investment will consist of:

1. Fundamental Training: $3200

2. Device: for example, the Nouveau Contour Intelligent, priced at $3,495 – Student discount $3195. 

3. Your total investment: $6,395 

Based on the above, we can now calculate the “payback period;” the number of clients you need to have in order to recoup your initial investment.

The average price for a set of eyebrows is $500. So the contribution margin for this procedure is on average

$500 minus $35, so a profit of $465 per procedure.

Based on your total investment of $ 6,395 your payback period is only 18 clients ($6,395 divided by $465)! From your 14th client onwards you will already create sustainable income!

Permanent make-up is a very profitable business for you as technician.


Join us and start your new career!